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HOLY SHIP!! 2013 Lineup released!

22 May

The sequel to one of the best ideas ever imagined has just released its lineup.  HOLY SHIP!!, has once again gathered many of the top DJs to bring them all on board for a ride you’ll never forget.  With 5 venues on board a giant cruiseliner and performances from 6pm-6am for three days, this cruising festival can hardly be matched.  Bringing you such names such as Justice (DJ set), Boys Noize, Knife Party, Skream & Benga, Diplo and more, HOLY SHIP!! aims to kick in the new year with high expectations.  Grab tickets now before they’re gone!!

In case your living under a rock and havent heard, click here to check out pics and videos of last years HOLY SHIP! and for more information on the upcoming 2013 sequel!


Amon Tobin brings ISAM Live to Camp Bisco

23 Apr

After witnessing the mindfuck that was Sphongle w/ EOTO this past 4.20, I have come to appreciate the inside of a VJ’s mind.  Pairing stimulating visuals with an incredibly unique sound seems to create an experience that cannot be matched.  Amon Tobin, aims to push your senses to their limit with ISAM Live, his new ground-breaking set.  Using audio-synchronized computer graphics projected onto a 3D set, ISAM aims to break the barriers of reality and embark you on a remarkably stunning ride.  This new set along with many other acts will be performed live at Camp Bisco for your derping pleasure.

Have no idea what im talking about? peep the preview here.

For all my technology heads….check out how they did it here.

Tis’ the Season!

18 Apr

Festival season is upon us yet again with the aroma of new acts, new surroundings, and many new friends.  As we prepare to spend everything we’ve ever worked for, we must think carefully about our budget and time, finally deciding on what is a must-see and whats not.  To get a better grasp on the upcoming season, visit for an updated list on your regions latest events.

For the latest deals on camping equipment and other outdoor gear, check out for deals up to 70% off.

Snoop Dogg releases new “Rolling Words: A Smokeable Songbook”

15 Apr

Yes thats right people, a smokeable book.  Whether you call it creative or inevitable, Snoop Doggs new book has been drawing some attention.  Classics such as “Gin & Juice” and “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang” are printed on Snoop Dogg’s Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers so you can roll up your “finest” with the boss himself.  Oh, and did I mention a match striking surface on the spine for lighting up with the quickness.  Peep the promotional video for yourself.

The Polish Ambassador Entire Discography……Fo’ Free

11 Apr

Yes, Free.  The ongoing experiment that is The Polish Ambassador has recently made his entire discography available to you free of charge.  The discography which is over 7 hours long includes 7 albums and 30+ remixes for you to enjoy.  Will this last forever?  Who knows….grab it here!

In case you are not familiar with The Polish Ambassador, check out our video of DUNCE PARTY getting funky with the man himself…

Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records releases Datsik’s debut album “Vitamin D”

11 Apr

Datsik’s debut album entitled “Vitamin D” has been released via Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records.  Datsik’s first album features instrumentals and collaborations with artists such as Jonathan Davis (KORN), Infected Mushroom, Z-Trip, and Snak The Ripper.  Datsik and Steve Aoki have also recently linked up to headline the DEADMEAT 2012 North American Tour bringing with them some new live visual productions.

Click here to download Datsik’s debut album “Vitamin D”

Bassnectar releases new “Vava Voom”

11 Apr

Bassnectar’s 9th album entitled “Vava Voom” was released yesterday, April 10th on Amorphous Music.  The new allbum features others such as ill.Gates, Amp Live, Jantsen, and Lupe Fiasco who is described as “wicked” by Bassnectar himself.  Check the new album out here.

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