Unicorn Meat NYC presents NeuroSafari 04/27/2012

18 Apr

If haven’t heard of Unicorn Meat NYC by now, you should.  Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Unicorn Meat NYC is a production  group which specializes in bringing “eclectic nightlife” to those who seek it.  Since its founding in 2011 by New York local Alex Kay, Unicorn Meat NYC has hosted some of the most memorable and distinguishable events in the area.  With a crew based on a “constant pursuit of the highest quality production possible,” you are sure to have an experience you’ll never forget.

On April 27, 2012 Unicorn Meat NYC will be presenting its latest adventure entitled “NeuroSafari”.  Come along for the ride as you trek through a jungle littered with blacklight fruit and other cosmic delights.  Join the festivities and journey into a world of snake charmers, fire dancers, and trapeze artists, while getting funky with big names such as KRADDY (founding member of The Glitch Mob), An-ten-nae, Sub Swara, Joro-Boro, and more.

To find out more about NeuroSafari check the FB link here

To get in the know with Unicorn Meat NYC click here.

Dunce Party will be there…will you????


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