Let the good times ROLL (ripe)…..

9 Apr

If your gunna roll, make sure you roll ripe:

ripe – (adj) \ˈrīp\ 1. fully grown and developed : mature (ripe fruit) 2. having mature knowledge, understanding, or judgment 3. of advanced years : late (a ripe old age) 4a. suitable, appropriate (the time was ripe for the attempt) 4b. fully prepared : ready (the colonies were ripe for revolution) 5a. brought by aging to full flavor or the best state : mellow (ripe cheese) 5b. smelly, stinky 6. ruddy, plump, or full like ripened fruit (a ripe figure) 7. indecent (ripe language)

check out what our friends at rollripe.com have to say…


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